2021 in Pisticci….a little bit of scarediness…..

Two things came together  today.

I read an article on depression where I understood it to say that having depression was like living in an alternative universe.  ( this was my understanding  of it…. it may have meant something completely different. )

The second thing happened when I was replying to a friend’s message and I said I had been scared since the brexit vote.

I was probably always a very scared or timid person , but it definitely  got a lot worse due to brexit.

However it occurred  to me that maybe I live in an alternative scary world.

Maybe there is another world.

I could write an endless list of the things I am scared of. In fact there is very little I am not afraid of. I just thought that was normal and it gave me lots of opportunities  to be brave.

Perhaps that’s why I am often tired.

Then while I was cleaning the stove I wondered what my life would be like if I told myself that ” scarediness ” was just like a rash and didn’t stop me doing anything, but was merely an irritation.

And what if I side stepped into a world where lots of things were possible and scarediness wasn’t holding me back

Wouldn’t  that be fun…….

Not that I would expect to suddenly  turn into a bold adventurous person , but just now and again I could go into that alternative world  …….

While I wasn’t thinking deep and meaningful thoughts I was carrying on with my latest portrait which is now nearly finished.

After a virtually  sleepless night I was quite pleased with the amount of work I did.  And  having picked up a” Broons ” book in the middle of the night I’m  looking forward to reading some more of it tonight. (It’s a Scottish cartoon series. )

Wine time now. Cheers 🍷🍷

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