2021 in Pisticci…. one down, one to go

Today I had a flu jab for the very first time. I think I’ve only had flu about twice in my entire life. But it seemed like a good idea and all I needed to do was go to my doctor here and get it. I asked her last week and just turned up today. And that was it. ( am grateful to a friend who told me it was that straightforward. )

To get my covid booster I just need to count 180 days from my last one and then turn up at the vaccination centre. Counting 180 days will be the difficult part as I thought that would make a date in January but apparently it’s in December. Might need to Google that. Arithmetic was my worst subject at school.

It’s a horrible wet cold evening which makes being inside with the stove burning and the candle lit even cosier.

Outside now…..

Today I organised myself to start watercolour and pen sketches.

Have now blocked off the door .

I drew the first sketch. Starting with a pencil and then going over it with a pen. I like to think that if I get the ” skeleton ” drawn then I can have fun with colours and little details.

Using this photo because it has colourful fruit, an ape’, a nice old building , and some good shadows.

Tomorrow I can have fun with colour.

Another member of my family is ill with covid in the UK. And one of my friends here had an accident and has been taken to hospital in an ambulance. Hopefully neither of them have serious problems.

Am hoping I don’t get any horrid side effects from the flu jab. After my experiences with the covid vaccine am not particularly looking forward to the booster. Still it’s better than ending up in hospital.

Wine time now and more ” Frost”. I don’t even like him, but the stories are fairly satisfying and not too gruesome.


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