2021 in Pisticci….grateful for my roof.

Last night was very wet and windy. Because I have cute doors with gaps and a small window held shut by a plastic curtain rail jammed across the catches plus the winter nail hammered in at the bottom as extra security I feel quite close to the elements. Mostly the rain doesn’t come in but I’ve got special old towels to put under the door to keep the water out if the rain is horizontal. Nothing keeps the wind out completely. However at least my house is well ventilated.

It does get a bit noisy though. The rain hurtles down the street like a river and batters on the shutters and my window bangs against the winter nail as the wind tries to force it open.

I was standing on the table hammering the nail in further about 2am. ( I could hear my elderly neighbour moving about upstairs so I didn’t disturb her.)

The wind also blows down the chimney and if I am not careful the board across the fireplace blows over. My broom fits exactly between the board and the chest of drawers . Except for last night when it was too long. I was a bit alarmed….wall falling in , chimney collapsing, what was wrong ……then I remembered that I had moved the chest of drawers when the light switch was fixed. Phew!!!

But my roof was fixed properly before I moved back in here and no longer do I need strategically placed buckets and boxes all over the room.

It’s a great feeling to know that the rain is staying outside.

I have been thinking about the refugees in Belarus staying in the the woods. I can’t think of anything much worse .

However today has been dry and sunny. And I have more or less finished my first watercolour for the Christmas Market. It feels like a practice one as its a while since I used pen and watercolour. I am reasonably pleased with it.

I think it’s a bit darker in real life.

There are a few things I might fix , but it was fun to do and I’m looking forward to the next one.

Now the stove is lit, candle burning, jazz playing and wine at hand. Appreciating being warm .



  1. Hi Anne: I was born in Pisticci and immigrated to Canada when i was two years old. I have visited Pisticci and saw the house in which I was born. I enjoy reading your blog as it gives me an idea of what it would be like to live in Pisticci. Regards, Anna

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