2021 in Pisticci…..getting ready for Christmas Market..

First thing I’ve done is to decide not to take part in another market. It was going to involve creating a lot of little paintings or prints and I thought that it would be better not to be so distracted and concentrate on the bigger event.

Also apart from prints I have mostly not made tiny paintings or touristy things. Not because I couldn’t, but I have tried not to compete with other artists in town who are now making many more small things as Pisticci gets more visitors and therefore more tourist trade.

Most of my commissioned work is from local people.

Having sorted that I looked through some old sketches with mounts and took out the sketches so that I can paint some new watercolours and have 9 to re-use. Plus I found 4 bigger mounts and I have a big water colour pad with pages to fit.

It feels better to be organised.

I found this watercolour from Christmas 2018 of the view from my other house. I fixed a few things and I think it’s okay now.

Don’t like painting cars so the flower works well…..

Paid the second part of my rubbish tax today. The bill came with 3 parts to be paid at end of October, November and then December.

I like having something to concentrate on and was thinking that if I carried on painting watercolours most afternoons over the winter I would build up a lot of stock and presumably improve with all that practice.

I might have found a new series to watch on YouTube tonight. A Scottish series , called Loch Ness. Unless it’s disappeared since lunch time. That happens sometimes .

Wine time now. Cheers 🍷🍷

Dark , cold and wet.

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