2021 in Pisticci…..how to feel a bit worthless

I’ve just deleted most of this post and am starting again.

I have been thinking about pricing paintings for the Christmas Market.

I need to be mentally prepared for people to offer me half of the price I am asking.

It’s very discouraging.

I like to think it has nothing to do with the standard of my painting . Sometimes that is difficult to do.

I think maybe I will make my prices higher so that even with a discount I get a reasonable price.

I have looked at comparable work online , but no one here would pay these prices.

I think I need a plan.

The portrait is nearly finished. I am enjoying painting it in a relaxed manner.

And today I finished another watercolour.

Might need a few extras.

Just spent a couple of hours with a friend. It’s nice to drink wine and chat. I hope we can carry on meeting up all winter.

Making carrot chips tonight.

Cheers 🍷🍷


  1. Hello and how lucky you are to have Christmas Markets in Italy. In Austria all events have been cancelled as we entered the fourth lockdown on Monday.
    So enjoy! A
    s to the prices I would set them higher so you can go down as you negotiate the final deal. Knowing Italians a little, I think they like to do that.
    Good luck and happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hi. I saw that Austria was going into lockdown. Am hoping we will not be locked down this Christmas. It’s a very small market in a big piazza so hopefully it will not be cancelled. You are right about Italians and bargaining. Hope you stay safe. Nice to hear from you.

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