2021 in Pisticci…..am prepared …so now to enjoy life

It was impossible to ignore all the information about the new coronavirus variant from South Aftica or thereabouts.

After reading something written by a doctor in a very large hospital who was not prone to being scared , but was now worried, I ordered 100 safer masks.

After a trip to the supermarket where I wandered around steamily not seeing very much I ordered 5 transparent nose clips.

Last week I ordered crampons for my shoes as my trainers are a bit slippy and some of the pavements here are tiled and not good in wet weather.

So I think I am as sorted as is possible and plan on getting on with lots of painting.

Even though, today I spent more time reading than painting. It is Saturday after all. I’ve finished “Just Kids ” by Patti Smith. That was good. Am now back to murder and mayhem, but that’s okay too.

Eventually I did a smaller watercolour to fit in one of my oval mounts. I don’t like it. It looks squashed . Maybe I will paint it again but larger.

There has been lots of water outside today and a bit thunder and wind. Now inside there is no water as ” Frida the pipe” has packed up again somewhere in the country. I don’t really understand what has happened. But at least a kind friend warned me in advance so have 2 5 litre plastic wine containers full of drinking water.

My attempt to watch a series called” the loch” last night on youtube was foiled by it being in some foreign language. I wasn’t expecting that. All the actors were English. So it’ll be Frost again tonight ….unless I’ve seen all the available episodes.

However am warm, have nearly 5 litres of wine, taralli and twinkly lights.


About an hour ago.

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