2021 in Pisticci ….no more “little Brutto”…..

Now it’s big fat Brutto. Maybe it’s the egg and mayonnaise or regular dried cat food , or maybe now that he is friendly he has several ” owners”.

He is getting very bold and will now come inside and let me shut the door behind him. It’s too cold to leave it open!

Tonight it’s horrible outside. The worst Italian weather….damp and cold. He was patiently sitting on the doorstep. So I put some cat food on the plate and closed the door.

Half an hour later I looked out and he was still there. So I opened the door and invited him in. And in he trotted . I closed the door behind him and with a bit of encouragement he came through into the lovely warm living room.

Where he then made it obvious he had only come in so I could stroke him . Which I did , until I got bored.

I was hoping he might curl up on the rug and hang out for a while , but once he realised stroking was over he headed back towards the door and I let him out.

I like to think he’s off to the next friendly home on his list……..

I’ve been to Potenza today which was quite exciting and quite beautiful despite the rain.

I wish I had photos of the mountains which look like something out of a fairytale and the forests in gorgeous autumn reds and yellows. The weather made some of the mountains appear to be black and floating among the clouds.

There were distant villages perched on or near the summits. Pietrapertosa (think I spelled that correctly) is spectacular as it is built into the mountain . I went there several years ago and wanted to live there just to see what it felt like. A very impractical idea for someone with no transport. Though unbelievably, buses do go there. We followed one up the seriously winding road.

There is so much more of Italy I would like to see.

Maybe next year……..

For now I’m warm and have wine.


You can’t tell just by looking, but it’s cold. Might be 2C tonight and wet.

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