2021 in Pisticci….out for a Sunday stroll …..

It’s been windy and cold today , but I was persuaded to go out for a walk to see if there were any Christmas lights up in Pisticci

The answer is ” not really”.

But here are some photos of what we did find.

This is pretty
Spotted on the way home
Nothing in the corsa
There are some on the church , but you can’t see them
And one more.
This winter’ s clothes. My alter ego seems disapproving

It must really be winter now that I have worn my warmest jacket.

Most of today was spent indoors with the stove burning.

I painted the same scene as yesterday ,but bigger. It didn’t look how I expected, but its okay and when I looked at the version I did yesterday it looked better than I thought.

Just up the road from my house.

I wonder if now I should paint it with acrylic to see if I can capture the effect I was looking for.

However, not tonight.

Tomorrow I should be going to Potenza . Hurray!! More travel!

Cheers 🍷🍷

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