2021 in Pisticci… satisfactory day…..

I think that if I paint something it is always a satisfactory day. (Unless the painting is rubbish. )

So even though the handle broke off my good coffee pot first thing it’s been an okay day.

I got up early to draw my next watercolour as I felt guilty about not painting anything yesterday.

It took me nearly 2 hours to draw another complicated scene as I am driven to challenge myself . ( idiot!)

Then it was market day in Pisticci so I had a look for a new coffee pot , but didn’t see anything affordable that I liked. Also looked for a candle holder for my advent candle ,but have decided to make one out of clay. How hard can that be…. ?

Am sure I can find a way of using my coffee pot as well until I see a new one I like. I didn’t buy this one. Guests in my little artist’s house bought it and left it for me.

It was hat weather today.

It might be that soon it will be mask wearing outside as well as in shops . Hope my nose clips and new masks arrive soon.

After lunch I ” coloured in” my latest watercolour. Am reasonably pleased with it.

Am not very good at drawing cars.

I might draw this next. I think it would be suitably challenging ….


Waiting for my latest portrait to be collected now. Hope they like it.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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