2021 in Pisticci . I don’t really know ……

That about covers everything right now

Today there are 429 new positives in Basilicata. Two or three weeks ago there were only 30. Should I be worried. I don’t really know.

After all my family live in Scotland and they have much higher numbers to deal with , plus having to go out to work.

I could stay home and only go out shopping for food once a week with my granny trolley when there is no one around. Is that being cowardly? I don’t really know

Will this pandemic ever end and will brexit cause any more trouble for me. I don’t really know.

Enough of the useless pondering and back to stuff I do know, more or less.

It’s a lovely evening.

It seems cosy, looking in……

It is a good and useful thing to be tidy, organised and able to find things.

This morning.
Lunch time.

There are 2 large black bin bags full of relatively useless stuff sitting outside now. Fingers crossed the bin men take them away tomorrow .

I also cleared out the damp corner beside the wardrobe and reorganised everything in the big bags I bought for the market so things wouldn’t get covered in loose wet plaster. That felt good.

Then I tidied the shelf on the dresser. There was hardly any space left to put things.

Not perfect, but better.

Maybe organising my house is not just about finding things ,but also about having some control over something.

Several members of my family are not so well. Another one has covid. Nothing very serious, but it’s all very unsettling.

However today was a satisfactory day and the weather is supposed to get warm this week… up to 17C. So I have unsealed the door and I can sit on the doorstep again.

Last night I spent two hours on WhatsApp speaking to a friend who I haven’t met for about fifteen years. It was lovely to catch up. What a lot has happened and what different lives we lead now.

Wine time now in my nice tidy house.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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