2021 in Pisticci….time to stop just waiting…..

It’s definitely  thinking time of year.

Every December it’s the same. A new year about to begin and wondering if I made the most of this one.

I’ve seen several articles now on how long covid is likely  to remain a problem in the world. The latest one estimated  up to 10 years.  Others have said by 2024 it might be under control 

Being a bit of a pessimist in an optimistic way I reckoned that I could well be dead before or if the world ever returns to how it was.

So there is no point in waiting for the virus to go away before I do some of the things I’ve  been wanting to do. I just might need to adapt things.

For instance if I want to travel, and I do, then it will need to be in the summer. I am thinking of travelling back to Scotland by train in June. That is visiting all my  friends in Europe and seeing as much of Italy as I can on the way. I haven’t  seen nearly as much of Italy as I would like. Or France or Switzerland or Germany. 

I was talking about this with friends today and if I have to chose between air conditioning  and travel it would definitely  be travel.

Then I need to learn how to put my book on Amazon.  Even if no one reads it I just want to know I can do it.

The thing about plans is that they could all be upset in a moment , but even just making some vaguely,  feels good.

Today has been a beautiful  day. Warm enough to sit on the doorstep.

I did some more tidying to find out what I had in the bottom of my dresser. (Accompanied by Agatha Raisin. )

It was good to find that I am pretty organised and other than throwing out some old pots there was not a lot of rubbish. It was mostly a mess as I had taken to basically opening the door and jamming things in any old way.

I sold 3 paintings which was very nice.

I looked out for the bin men. No sign of them.

Then the courier brought my new 16 canvases which are to be the backbone of next years Pisticci scenes. I’ve yet to come up with a plan which will enable me to paint Pisticci in a new way.

I’ve had the door open most of the day.

This was about 3.30pm

I took my granny trolley shopping again. Works a treat.

On the way home

Am thinking that I will start making stretchers for next months work tomorrow. I may have said that yesterday?

But now I’m happy to be having a glass of wine and feeling optimistic about the future.

( a record number of positives in Basilicata today and 13 in Pisticci)


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