2021 in Pisticci…adding to the fakiness..

It’s been a while since I attempted any more fakiness in my house. There is space for more and I have a few ideas ,but so far have not been in the mood.

Today’s effort only involved hammering a few tacks into the wall. The idea was to attach some postcards and photos to the fake window frame above the cooker. I was never too happy with the way the frame was painted and I thought it might look better with some items tacked casually around it

As I was tidying out some baskets of odds and ends today I found several memorable photos.

I love the way it looks ( I think) like an illustration from a book.
These paintings , done nearly 20 years ago were swapped for a wrought iron carved bed made by a sculptor . They were 2 of the very few paintings I’ve done mostly from imagination.
The background in the girl’s portrait is from Virginia Woolfs Green room which was the inspiration for this room .
This sketch is memorable for having been done after 3 glasses of rum and lemonade. Also about 20 years ago ,before I only drank red wine. I thought it was rather good….but didn’t continue drunken drawing.
This was a drawing from my favourite photo of James restoring something in my kitchen when we first met.

After tidying , I am left with 2 sets of basket drawers in which I intend to store lots of art materials. So that I realise what I have and then where it is. There have been too many occasions recently when I’m sure I’ve got a this or that, but I can’t find it.

It’s also that time of year when it’s good to have a clear out.

So that I could have a guilt free clear out, ( It’s quite fun sometimes.) I spent the morning organising the work I need to do in January , checking that I have all the necessary photo references and downloading them. I also checked I had all the client’s phone numbers. Organisation was not always my best skill.

I also found time to go for a walk up town and buy more wine. This time I walked all the way home without glasses and I could at least recognise people at the other side of the street. It could be worse . I had managed to reach the piazza with clear glasses ,but then someone spoke to me and when I replied I steamed right up.

It has been a lovely sunny day . I spent half an hour weeding my pots which are looking respectable in general for this time of year.

A very satisfactory day.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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