2022 in Pisticci.. ” to sleep, perchance to dream”

I used to have a very ornate wrought metal bed on which that was written. ( I got it from a sculptor by paying some money and 2 paintings. )

It must be wonderful to go to bed with the expectation of sleep, uninterrupted sleep.

On average I think that happens for me about twice a year. And for no particular reason.

Last night was particularly bad. It felt like I slept for a few minutes then was half awake for an hour and then repeat.

This morning when I climbed downstairs I ached all over and realised that was probably due to turning backwards and forwards trying to find the secret to falling asleep.

It was a wet and cold day.

On the way into town

It was necessary to go and collect a prescription and as I was out I thought I would just add to my stockpile of wine. Which led to me selling another painting.

That was very cheering.

Then I went home by the back streets and found that this street still had twinkly lights up.

Difficult to see but they are there.

Came home in much better mood than when I had gone out.

This time I had done virtually the whole trip without glasses. After a while I forgot I wasn’t wearing them. So I can manage.

Most of today I’ve read or watched Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year. I used to complain about James commenting( mostly rudely) on what was happening on TV. Some days I am not much better.

I suppose its inevitable as I like chocolate box paintings and think a landscape painting should be recognisably of a particular subject. And it is not necessary for a painting to look gloomy or ugly to give it value.

I once walked out of a creative writing class when it became obvious that doom and gloom was what was acceptable.

( I waited for the break and didn’t go back. I probably should have told the tutor that the class didn’t suit me…but I was younger then. )

I might also be a little envious of the competitors being encouraged to be themselves and use their own style.

However it’s dark outside and the day has passed, mostly warmly inside.

There are 8 more positives in Pisticci today.

Time for wine.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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