2022 in Pisticci… an expensive day…..

After another disturbed night’s sleep I got up and looked out. It was a bit dull .

My back ached and I didn’t feel good. Actually my legs ached too.

And I had looked at twitter while I was still in bed. Never a good idea. It’s hard to believe that the situation in the UK can be made worse , but it obviously can .

The good bit about living by myself is that there is no one ( except myself) to criticise me.

The bad bit is that there is no one to cheer me up, except myself.

I started by having facon and eggs for breakfast. Needed to use up the facon.

I couldn’t understand why my back was so sore until I pretended that I was sawing.

That explained that!

So I have ordered a back support thingy. I plan to use it for a while to give my back a rest and then in the future I’ll put it on when I am using my saw.

I also looked up the best yoga exercises to help with a back problem . ( then I did some of them. )

That made me feel better.

I also ordered more lutein which seems to be good for your eyes.

That was followed by checking out possible naturalish cures for my other little problem.

Another bottle of pills is on it’s way to hopefully deal with that.

So feeling much stronger and healthier, at least in my mind, I contacted the last client I am working for this month and now have the go ahead for the painting on the very big canvas.

I filled in the gaps today by watching more old episodes of portrait artist of the year.

Now am sitting here .

It feels as cosy as it looks.

Outside it’s like this.

The light is pretty at least.

And tomorrow I start work on these.

6 canvases = 4 portraits, a street scene and a landscape.

There were more than 1000 positives today in Basilicata.

Hoping for a healthier artistic week.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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