2022 in Pisticci…phone calls from ” home”

Not that I am sure where home is any longer. After more than 2 years without a break in Italy I have actually taken my make up out of the bag and put it on a shelf.

After about 15 years of travelling to Scotland at least 2 and quite often 3 times a year , there never seemed any point in unpacking my make up bag. Occasionally I would think that it was silly as I was here more than there. But for some reason I never quite got around to finding a permanent place to put it. Until last year.

However it was lovely to get a phone call from one of my daughters today. A whole hour of catching up. Still smiling.

Most of today was spent drawing a big street scene well enough to begin painting. Accompanied as usual by Agatha Raisin.

It must be wonderful to be able to write stories like these. What an imagination! Today’s story included little furry smiling animals. And to be able to invent a character like Agatha and make her likeable, despite her fairly abrasive personality.

Outside it has been wet, cold and windy.

It’s nice to have been inside all day.

All set up.

I briefly considered working in the other room , but with a little bit of work and invention this was very much better. One of the many uses of my portable gas heater as a table. Last week it was an extension to my work bench.

It looks like it will be cold and wet this week so painting near the stove will suit me very well.

Now it’s wine time again.


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