2022 in Pisticci…” well done me”

That was a good day’s work.

I’ve now covered the very big canvas with an undercoat of acrylic paint before I start to use oil paints.

And I spent 4 hours this afternoon drawing with paint the whole of the street scene. Now I can see it clearly. It looks good .

Outside its been okay I think , but now it’s windy and very cold.

Half an hour ago.

I might not go out until Friday as I want both these paintings well underway and going out is just a distraction. Hopefully by the weekend I will know that they are going to be successful. Then I can relax .

Not that the weather or covid is an inducement to go out.

It is very cosy in here.

You can see the curtain blowing in the wind coming from the other room. No problem with ventilation here!!

There are another 3 positives in Pisticci today.

Now I need to find a new series on YouTube to watch or an old film or something lightweight.

And enjoy a glass of wine after a good day’s work

Cheers 🍷🍷

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