2022 in Pisticci….another day painting….

It occurred to me this morning that yellow might be a better undercoat for poppies than white. So I painted all the white poppyish shapes yellow. To be honest the painting is at a ” oh no…will it ever work” stage. It’s not that I haven’t given it a lot of thought. But tomorrow I plan to get out the new oil paints and paint one giant poppy to encourage myself before painting in the background.

The other colourful street scene is coming along very nicely and I enjoyed painting the houses all different colours today. Tomorrow I need to begin on the details…windows, doors, roof tiles, gutters, pipes etc.

I stuck my head out of the door and it’s really cold. North wind I think.


It’s not hard to stay home painting .

One more day ….and a beautifully painted poppy will hopefully allow me to relax enough to take a break.

But for now it’s wine and a new series called ” mobile” on youtube.



  1. Anne, if you are underpainting tone, then a good rule to remember is to use a complementary color. Even if you cover all the pre-paint like I do, it will help the final tone. In your poppies case, a brilliant blue would be a good choice. Yellow is fantastic for purples, and of course vice-versa is also true! Good old color wheel!

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