2022 in Pisticci….an experiment and great relief ..

This morning I thought I would do an experiment on my poppy painting. It has been looking rather …well… awful actually. I told myself that it was part of the process , but am not sure I believed myself.

Thanks to Sandra I thought I would see if a blue undercoat would make a difference

And I was a little bit desperate  to see if I could paint a giant poppy . It’s okay to paint a little one with a few strokes but this one is approx 30×25cms. And there are about 8 more!

The before……
The after…….

It was a bit stressful as I am also using water soluble oil paints which I’m not used to.

I am pleased with the result and greatly relieved that I can paint giant poppies.

Tomorrow I plan to start the background and will paint the rest of the poppies afterwards….now that I know I can.

The rest of today I worked on the colourful street scene which is quite enjoyable.

Unfortunately I think that was the last Agatha Raisin audiobook.

Tomorrow I have to go out as I have a painting to deliver and shopping to do.

This afternoon I had to collect a parcel from a friend round the corner. Delivery men!!!!

It was a beautiful light.

My old view.

Then it looked like this in the valley.

I even remembered to do minimal yoga today.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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