2022 in Pisticci…out 2 times in one day….

After spending a couple of hours kneeling on the floor painting more or less grass and then a few poppies I left the big painting for today. I was surprised to get so much done. Now the whole surface is covered in oil paint. I have a vague plan. Tomorrow I think I might use a thin brush and paint green and purple poppy heads.

It was good to get out. Cold enough to wear a hat , but no nasty cold wind. Perfect photography weather.

One of my favourite scenes. Lucky to get it without cars.
Snow on the mountains again.

I was off to deliver a watercolour scene. That was very satisfactory. It was interesting to wait in the shop where it was sold and study all the lovely local food sold there. If I was rich I would shop there. They have things I don’t even recognise.

Back home and it was time to get working on the colourful street scene. I think one more day is needed to finish the details and another to adjust any little bits I don’t like, plus repaint the sky.

So next week should be full of poppies and portraits if things go according to plan.

Basilicata is apparently one of the few regions in Italy still to be in a white zone. The last few days the positives have remained around 900 and there is only one person in intensive care. There are 7 new positives in Pisticci.

Took my trolley to the supermarket again. Am still going out with it in the afternoon when few people are about. I tell myself that it’s safer….but it’s really because am a little embarrassed to be seen with it. It’s now bright pink with green splodges as I forgot to move it out of the way when I was painting this morning.

I’m tired.

Half an hour ago.

Cheers . Happy Weekend. 🍷🍷

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