2022 in Pisticci…only been outside twice today….

Not because it was horrible weather , but because I was busy and I wanted to have Sunday off.

This morning……..
This evening.

This morning I painted more thin grass and poppy stalks and then spent the rest of the day finishing off the details on my big street scene. It needs some tidying ,but is virtually finished.

So is my last Agatha Raisin audiobook…..sad!

This evening am planning to watch, again, a Lord Peter Wimsey 3 part story. And I think there is an episode of Have I got News for You that I might have missed.

I decided to decant my last 5 litres of sweet primitivo and not save it for some future occasion.

There are another 7 positives in Pisticci today, but only 600 in the region.

Would like to feel that this is a special evening off after a busy week.

But most of my evenings off feel pretty special anyways……

Cheers. happy Saturday evening. 🍷🍷

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