2022 in Pisticci …lots of photos.

Have been at home all day working on 2 different portraits. One is now 80% finished. This is now my new plan for de-stressing portraits. If I tell myself that they don’t have to be perfect I can work much more confidently.

After reaching 80% then I go onto something else and in a few days go back and finish up .

Am more or less working on 3 portraits which need done by Monday.

Then there are the poppies!!

I’ve quite enjoyed having a lot of work to do and no particular distractions.

But I did go out for a very short walk and took some photos.

Pisticci ,from the little church.
I love the way the hills are all different shades of blue
A corner near the pink brick road
Looking past the little church towards the sea.
Sunlight in the calanche
Layers and layers of hills
View from the little church
Chiesa madre
The castle

More portraits and poppies tomorrow, but for now, wine.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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