2022 in Pisticci…chosing between heating or comfort ….

Now ,I am very comfortable. Jazz blues playing on youtube, wine glass to hand and stove burning in the corner.

But earlier today I was obliged to chose between heating and painting comfortably.

This morning.

I was prepared to work on my big poppy painting. I had on my knee support thing and my back support thing. It’s not that I am old and creaky, but I thought that I’d be kneeling on the floor leaning forwards to paint poppies and grass etc at the bottom of my painting.

There is no heating in that part of my house except for a portable gas heater. It was about 12C the last time I checked.

Then I had a great idea.

If I got the 2 gas heaters. I could rest the canvas on them and that would be so much more pleasant than what I was proposing to do.

So I put on another jumper and a hat and got to work.

The painting is 150x120cms.

I had a lovely morning.

I’m really enjoying using water soluble oil paints and think I am finally getting the hang of painting poppies.

(Thanks youtube)

That was me for most of today until I took my granny trolley to the supermarket.

It’s to be cold this weekend ,but my plan is to be back by the stove finishing 3 portraits.

Got a Christmas gift delivered by the postman today. Cost me €11.45. Ouch !!

Now I need to find another series on YouTube which might keep my interest tonight.

Happy Weekend . Cheers 🍷🍷

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