2022 in Pisticci…a sad day.

Last night 3 young men in their early 20s were killed in a car accident not far from the town. They are , I understand, all from Pisticci. Everybody knows everybody here. It’s a small town. Even if you didn’t know them personally you would know the family or an aunt or a cousin. The sindaco has said the whole town is in mourning.

I didn’t hear about it until lunch time when a friend phoned to ask if I had heard.

This morning as planned I worked on finishing portraits. All 3 are now at about 95% and may not get any better. I need to fix the background in one, but am on track to have them ready for Monday.

It was a beautiful morning and I had eggs to buy and a prescription to collect.

A great photo opportunity.

In the piazza dei caduti.
Looking towards municipal offices.
A year ago I was working on this
A teeny tiny street
A little hidden church
James nearly bought this
Washing day
Piazza San rocco
Fruit and veg shop.
My old house.

It was cold ,but pretty.

Winter wear in 2022. No glasses as they just steam up.

I found a new series on YouTube called ” the Loch” . Seems interesting.

Wine time again.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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