2022 in Pisticci…Sunday stuff…..

Took this photo about half an hour ago .

The end

It’s been difficult to concentrate today as despite not knowing the 3 young Pisticci men who died on Friday night, they and their families have been on my mind..

I watched on YouTube ,along with several thousand others the , funeral service being held in the sports centre. ( I didn’t watch all of it.)

I was able to read what the priest said to the families and friends who sat there with the coffins in front of them.

If anything could help ,then what he said may have.

I am not at present very religious , but I was very moved by his words. And a lot of what he said resonated.

I didn’t understand why I felt so sad when Princess Diana died any more than I understand why I feel so sad today.

But I do feel better for having said that.

Now quickly back to normal stuff.

The 3 portraits are now at 95% and that’s okay. I had to alter the background in one completely, but now I like it.

I’m organising a relaxing painting day tomorrow as I think a break of sorts between paintings helps. I can carry on with poppy painting though, as that’s fun. Now that I’ve moved the canvas onto a table it can be warm as well.

I’m glad it’s wine time.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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