2022 in Pisticci…sunny Sunday…

It has been warm enough to sit out on my doorstep today. At least for a little time.

While I waited for lunch to cook I took a small glass of wine and my kindle and enjoyed the blue sky and warmth.

It wasn’t just the sunshine, but the sounds of the birds, the neighbours, a strimmer and a drone…..and the church bells.

Even if my house is right on the edge of the village I still felt connected.

I like how my painted flower almost matches the sky.

Having the door open and being outside after weeks of mostly being inside, (Sometimes opening the door, shivering and shutting it again) it was lovely to think that for the majority of each year I can have breakfast outside, and coffee and wine and just be there.

Didn’t work much at all today. Am now at the ” if I do anything else I might make it worse, but I’ll just change this little bit here….oh no that’s not right , now I’ll have to change all this and now that colour doesn’t look right any more….etc etc…”

I watched a 2 hour documentary about Gauguin. ( thanks Sandra) and enjoyed it. I wonder how my story will end and how it will all seem to have been lived with hind sight.

Next week if all goes according to plan then I might finish all my current commissions. I have a local scene to paint as well as finishing the big poppy one.

It would be interesting to do something different and special in February.

However, wine time now.

Right now.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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