2022 in Pisticci….working Monday

It feels good to be finished , or nearly finished most of the commissions I got as a result of the Christmas Market. I have a local scene still to do , but began it today and it looks good so far. It’s always tricky changing a square scene into a vertical rectangle ,but I seem to have managed.

I finally fixed the nose on the portrait to my satisfaction. The poppy painting now just needs half an hour every day this week to fix or add little bits and pieces.

Now I can think about what to do in February.

Though first of all there is a storm coming with very strong winds. I’ve checked to see that nothing should blow over. My chairs have blown up and down the street at various times.

Flowerpots hopefully holding down chairs and net curtain tied in knots so shouldn’t rip.

Maybe I should check the winter nail and bent curtain pole are in place.

Checked. ( If they aren’t there then the window above the door will blow in. )

So now I need to check my rechargeable torches are charged. Extra phone charger is full.


There may be rain so I’d better look out the under the door towels.


I think that’s everything for now.

Took two photos of the sky tonight about an hour apart.

About an hour ago.

Wine time now. It’s nice and cosy in here.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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