2022 in Pisticci….windy day..

It has been quite windy ,but so far not as bad as I thought it might be.

Half an hour ago.

It looks like tomorrow will be windy, but sunny.

It’s been a good day to be inside ,next to the stove , painting little white houses.

The painting is going well so far and I’m quite enjoying painting it. Am back to acrylics so it will probably be finished by Thursday.

Am starting to think of what I would like to do next.

I thought that the number of covid positives was going down in Basilicata , but today it seems there were about 1500.

However it’s not difficult to stay at home when I have enough work and it’s cold outside.

I might be getting used to a life without touch. ( I think someone hugged me in the summer, and have had the occasional elbow bump but that’s all. )

I’m watching some episodes of Landscape Artist of the Year and it’s from 2016 when people could still hug and stand close to each other. It’s a little strange.

Tomorrow I had better paint some more grass. It was just too cold and windy next door. And Brutto, who has not been inside for ages sneaked in and left his scent, so it doesn’t smell very good..

It’s been a satisfactory sort of day and am looking forward to a glass of wine to finish it nicely.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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