2022 in Pisticci…. this was going to be a political post….

But I have cheered up as the sun has shone and my painting went well . Now I am 95% finished everything.

I do worry, a little bit, that by cheering up and saying nothing then I am one of the millions of people who are just getting on with their lives and ignoring what is happening around them.

And by living in Italy I think that perhaps I have a different perspective on what is happening in the UK .

I used to be a bit of a nag to my family by continually asking them why they were not more worried about what was happening to the country.

I wasn’t interested in politics until brexit happened and I thought that my life here would come to an end, but possibly if I was still living in Scotland I wouldn’t be all that bothered.

When after the first few months of the virus in Italy and they didn’t know what was happening and how to deal with it, until Conte took charge and we were locked down for months I got really worried about how not much was happening in the UK.

And it never got any better. But maybe if I lived there then I would need to believe that the government were doing their best to take care of me or that would be really scary.

And it’s not as if I would know what is happening in other countries unless I made an effort to look.

It worries me a lot when I read or speak to some Scottish friends or family how completely uninterested they are in what might happen to them .

So much for not being a political post.

But it’s personal. For all sorts of reasons.

Finally I keep thinking of what somebody somewhere said , ” That all it took for evil to succeed was for good people to do nothing.” Or something like that.

So maybe I will continue to be a jokey nag. I think people should make up their own minds what they believe. But they should at least have a basic knowledge of true facts . ( true, as in as far as is possible to verify.)

Now back to ” unreality”. I took a couple of photos of my doors this evening and smiled as I enjoyed the ” flowers ” growing round them.

I always dreamed of roses growing round the door.
And I never could grow wisteria.

It’s a good feeling tonight to have finished so much work. I’m quite excited about what I might do next.

But now it’s wine time.


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