2022 in Pisticci…parting with the poppies……

Am waiting for the “poppy people” to arrive with a van or a large car to take away my big Poppy painting. ( 150x120cms) I think it’s the biggest painting I’ve done, and with oil paints. I’ve enjoyed looking at it and thinking, “I did that”. It was good not to be rushed so I had time to finish it well.

The poppy painting.

Most of today I’ve spent working on a double portrait with a blurry photo as reference for one of the faces. My new app sorted one face but not the other. However surprisingly, I like how I’ve managed to paint the second face. It’s almost like it’s moving .( which is probably why it’s blurred in the photo.) I’m pleased with the way the figures are posed too. Tomorrow I need to work on the background.

After having lunch on the doorstep as it was about 19C I went for a short walk which turned into a bit of a photo taking exploration.

I ve painted this view before. It has everything.
I like the pattern of the doors and windows
A sea view
I think my street with the view at the end is so pretty
I have blossom. And beautiful shadows

Think I’m going to a small market tomorrow where I might buy pansies. They’re cheap, cheerful and last for ages.

Have just spent the last 20 minutes helping to wrap up the poppy painting in layers of cardboard held on with string and sellotape. It’s now gone off to its new home.

I enjoyed helping and laughing as we made a big parcel of it. I miss that.

Wine time now after another satisfactory day.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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