2022 in Pisticci…..ordering things from Amazon at 3am.

I’ve been hearing that there is a paper shortage. I supposed that might mean watercolour paper could get more expensive.

I think it’s actually labels there is a shortage of, due to a strike in Finland. ( I may have that completely wrong. )

However it was 3am and for the 5th night in a row I kept waking up and wasn’t able to get back to sleep.

I was thinking about my hair and how flat and boring it looks. I used to have thick bouncy hair , but not now.

And if mask wearing is going to only be in shops then it will matter ( to me) more what I look like.

After months of hiding behind a hat,dark glasses , black mask and scarf it has felt like I am visible again.

I cut my hair last week thinking that if it was shorter it would get its bounce back. Nope!

( Am having problems with lipstick too, but that’s another story.)

So I thought that I would try curling tongs , if they still made them , and see if I could have something other than droopy pancake hair.

Having found the cheapest pair then it was only sensible to add something else for about €12 so that I would get free postage.

After discounting all the watercolour paper that might possibly be sent from the UK,( tax ,thanks to brexit!) I found an Italian pad which also includes 2 small paintbrushes and a pencil.

By then I was convinced that I was not only making sure that I would have a good supply of watercolour paper ,but also with nice bouncy hair my confidence would return and I would rejoin society. ( It was 3am when I was thinking all this……)

We’ll see……

Today it was such a nice morning that I thought I may as well do some washing.

The mist in the valley was lovely. Not so much my clothesline.
It felt like being on an island.

I took several photos on my way to get a lift to the market where I was hoping to buy pansies.

The mountains stood out in the background.
Up among the clouds
Always like this scene. The blue sky helps.

There was only one pot of white pansies. I want lots of colours.

It was so warm when I got home( 19C) that I weeded all my flowerpots and now there are lots of pansy spaces.

I broke off several bits of this geranium and stuck them hopefully in the earth.
Not sure if the strawberries will survive.

I was going to paint this afternoon, but have put it off until early tomorrow morning.

So now it’s wine time again.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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