2022 in Pisticci…red lipstick and curling tongs…

Life might be starting to look up ( ignoring pandemic and possible war etc) .

Today at the market I found a pack of 3 lipsticks of the brand I used to wear which were superceded by something not so good.

When I opened the packet the colour was a little redder than I had thought, but it’s time I got back to wearing red lipstick again.

Wearing red lipstick needs some confidence and living up to the look.

Having hidden behind a mask for nearly 2 years this is quite exciting.

And my curling tongs arrived today so no more flat hair…..or at the very least I have a choice.

I tried them out and am sporting a curl at one side a slightly curved fringe and a sort of lumpy silhouette.

I will practice .

It looked miserable this morning when I set out for the market ,but luckily it didn’t rain until I was on my way home.

Very pretty street

As well as lipstick, I bought 5 litres of my favourite wine from the butchers and collected another parcel delivered by the ***** courier to the farthest away bar in Pisticci. ( the other courier is very nice and meets me near my house)

I also did a quick recce so that I know where to deliver a portrait tomorrow.

My latest local scene is coming along and is probably 80% finished.

Considering it was a very dark corner it looks okay. Just a few small changes needed now.

It has been very very windy again today ….and cold.

Now it’s dark , but as I am convinced that if I don’t look every night then I will miss a fantastic sunset I went out earlier.

Not bad!

Wine time now. Starting the 5 litres I bought today.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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