2022 in Pisticci…the best sunset so far…….

I greatly dislike the fence at the end of my street. It’s only there to stop people throwing  rubbish down the hill, not to prevent people from falling over the edge. It seriously limits my photographic opportunities. 

However I managed to take these .

The sun is just around the corner
The fence!!!
It was better than this in reality.

It has been very, very  windy all day.

I’m always glad when the tree is pointing away from my house.

The portrait is now as close to 100% done as is possible.

And I started work on the next street scene about 2pm and didn’t notice the time passing.

I need to consider the colours.

I’ve not painted this little church before as I didn’t know if I could make it look ” picturesque”.

I think it’s a bit too greeny, but not bad for an afternoon’s work.

Will see what I can do with it tomorrow.

Now it’s wine time, later than usual. The wind is really strong outside. It might be difficult to sleep later .

Cheers for now.🍷🍷

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