2022 in Pisticci ..Mostly food and painting.

Because it’s Sunday I’m trying to make it a little different from the rest of the week.

So after my weekly email I made a cheese and prosciutto omelette and fresh coffee. ( not yesterday’s reheated. )

I was going to post a photo of it as I managed to make it look respectable….but as the first photo in my blog appears at the head I just don’t want to be defined by an omelette.

Which rather spoils the idea I had of posting photos of chickpeas .

That was my next job. I had soaked them overnight in water . They took about an hour to cook and then when they were cooled I divided them up into 6 freezer bags and now they are in the freezer.

For anybody, like me , who doesn’t really like cooking, I use one bag of chickpeas, 1 tin of chopped tomatoes, half a bag of frozen minestrone and about a teaspoonful of pepperoncini. Put all this in a Pot as well as a tomato tinful of water. Cook for about half an hour or a bit longer. That amount lasts me 4 days for lunch .

I put my four newest paintings on facebook last night and sold 2 of them. This morning a very nice gentleman came round to collect one and after showing me some lovely pencil drawings he’d done, gave me a book of his cartoons. That was very kind.

Finally I got started painting.

Drawn in pencil, sprayed with hairspray, painted with watery yellowish colour, then acrylic medium.
Progress so far. Clouds needed and quite a few other things.

So now I can post food photos, but maybe not the omelette.

Cooked chickpeas cooling.
6 bags full.
End result.

Outside its really cold, but no snow. I considered looking for a sunset, but after opening the door and letting in a blast of cold air decided not to bother. The stove has been on all day.

Am glad it’s wine time now. I have some black olives which I bought months ago and was saving for something or other. I’d forgotten about them and found them when I tidied out the food cupboard.


Cheers 🍷🍷

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