2022 in Pisticci…listening to cowbells at 3am……

At first I thought it was rain dropping down from the gutters , but having got up to make camomile tea and a small baked potato, I was so curious that I opened the door to hear better. They sounded very close, but obviously it was dark so I couldn’t see anything.

Incase anyone is interested I can cook a small baked potato and make camomile tea in 4 minutes . ( had a lot of practice. )

I quite like Monday mornings.

More so if they begin after 6am.

However managed minimal exercises and spent an hour writing something that no one else will read ,but made me feel better.

Was then time for painting .

Took longer than I thought it would.
This is the photo I used as reference
This old ruined building is at the side.

This local scene has a lot of detail which is why it appealed to me. It’s in Terrevecchia, the oldest part of Pisticci and this scene is the back of a little square . There were hens in the shed and the noise attracted me this time.

It took me most of today to finish it.

As it might snow tomorrow I went to the supermarket to buy salt. And get some exercise.

And take some photos.

Lovely view towards the sea.
I like the sunshine in this scene
Looks as if it will rain
Uphill from the supermarket.

I’ve been keeping up with the news and to say we live in interesting times is a massive understatement.

Am glad it’s wine time now. Am okay with not being woken by cowbells tonight…….

Cheers 🍷🍷

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