2022 in Pisticci…painting, war, but no snow

There was snow forecast for today to begin about 11am.  Nothing happened.  It was cold and my workroom / gallery is very cold.  Also the wind was whistling in through the gaps in the door beside the stove.

I had to laugh at my efforts to fix this problem. 

First I found an extending curtain pole which was too big. Then I found another one that was too small. I couldn’t hammer nails into the side of the doors as they’re too hard.

Finally I got a big old fleece out of the chest, folded it in half and then jammed it under the edges of the open window shutters. It worked and has stayed there all day. Problem solved.

Fleecy blanket across the bottom of the door is almost invisible.

It was nice not to wake up until nearly 6am this morning.

And it felt good to write something I liked.

After that a friend came round with another 2 portrait commissions.

I started a new local scene.

Ready to undercoat and give a coat of acrylic medium.
Painted all the big shapes and had a go at the scooter.

In-between all this I continued to check my phone to see what was happening in Ukraine. It was good to speak to a friend and find that she was mostly doing the same.

Another member of my family has covid for the second time. Hopefully the rest of the family won’t get it, but if as it seems, its so infectious ,then they probably will.

My next 2 portraits are now roughly drawn and I’ll likely start work on them tomorrow. I thought I might work on them in the morning and then the local scene after lunch.

I went outside briefly and a little friendly dog tried to get into my house. Luckily that was not the same time as the cardboard boxes fell from above.

The third one burst open just after this. ( Italian life.)

I took one quick photo outside before rushing back and stopping the little dog who was pushing my door open in an attempt to get in.

Will be nice when it’s warm again.

Wine time now.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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