2022 in Pisticci  ..mostly painting portraits…..

It was cold inside and out this morning. Was about 16C when I got up and took ages to  get warm. 

Sitting at my desk in front of the heater, but beside the drafty door I had to find a fleece and wrap it round my knees.

However if I’ve only  had to do that once this winter I shouldn’t complain. I can remember in the past sitting painting wearing 4 jumpers, a hat, a hot water bottle on my knee and the gas fire about a metre away.

I found this photo on facebook memories from 6 years ago. ( in the cold old days )

Think I was painting a scene on a wooden pizza shovel
Roughly the same view now. 

Most of today was spent painting my new commissioned portraits. One adult is nearly done and am well on with the child. I kept thinking that I should stop and get on with the local scene as I had planned , but then I would see something else needing changed or done and an hour later I was still sitting there.

I was accompanied  by Albert Campion on audiobook . I am sure I read the book years ago , but I don’t remember who did it. 

I popped out too early for any kind of a sunset.  It’s still daylight at 5.30pm .

Pretty, but very cold wind.

More portrait  painting planned for tomorrow  but think I will start with the local scene. Now that I have another 24 canvases arriving to paint it might be a good idea to keep going. ( and besides I am enjoying painting them.)

I think I’ve watched all the Miss Marple episodes on youtube. Wonderfully  escapist and relaxing . Will need to find something else tonight.

Wine time now . Looks like there might be a sunset , but I’m not going to look……


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