2022 in Pisticci…24 new canvases….

It’s good to feel optimistic and buy more canvases. Even though I only meant to buy 16 . What a lovely lot of potential.


It’s not just that I think this size might be sellable, but also it feels good to paint. Not too big and not too little.

And I feel a little inspired to make odd corners look good. It’s an interesting challenge.

It might also be, that with the world the way it is at the minute then having a lot of canvases in reserve feels safer.

But my plan is to paint them all by summer and bring to life some lesser known parts of Pisticci.

After a 4am start it has been a long day.

Did some portrait painting and then decided I would like to finish my next local scene.

80% finished.

Thanks to a friend coming round we went out tonight into town. There seemed like a lot of people about.

I really should go out more!

Good photo opportunity.

Hadn’t noticed how the tiles are arranged before.
Going home
Piazza San rocco

Friday wine time now. Been a satisfactory work week . Nice to have a weekend off. ( Don’t suppose Putin will be taking the weekend off from making war )

Thank goodness for wine.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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