2022 in Pisticci….painting as therapy/distraction

Maybe it’s because I live on my own and have a lot of time to think , spend time on twitter and not do housework, or go for long walks that I am feeling a bit haunted by the war in Ukraine.

And it’s cold, wet and miserable outside. My stove is just keeping the house warmish.

Perhaps if I did more housework and definitely, if I went for long walks then I would be more distracted.

And starting the day at 4.30am doesn’t help.

This is outside now. There’s a cold wind blowing.

So I paint accompanied by an audiobook. Am enjoying another Campion book by Margery Allingham .

It works for me. And as it may well help me pay bills then it’s doubly good.

Today I finished this.

Relatively pleased .

And I started this.

It looks a bit messy but everything is in place.

The new scene has at least 3 lines of washing in it. That should be fun to paint, and lots of flowerpots and a car. I’m not very good at painting cars.

I was at a market with friends today and then we had coffee with more people. I wonder if I have forgotten how to talk.

I’m glad it’s wine time again.

Tomorrow I think the sun will shine again.

I found this photo from 8 years ago on Facebook memories.

I think it might have been acrylic and pen.

Cheers. 🍷🍷

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