2022 in Pisticci…had a holiday

To be honest I thought that the holiday would only last about 10 minutes as there is not much I like doing which I can do.

It was sunny but very cold outside . However I thought I might go at least round the corner and take some photos.

My stove was only just keeping the house about 19C.

Oh what fun I had! I met two sheep and a goat. One of the sheep came right up to me ,but I wasn’t sure if it was friendly or not. So we had a little stand off until its owner called to it and it trotted off.

They live down there
This is going to be a painting
The little fluffy white cat.

I suppose most people wouldn’t get very excited meeting a sheep, but I seem to have turned into a very excitable person.

And I am trying to enjoy every moment. (or as many as possible. )

It was still coldish when I got back inside, but I soon warmed up when I got a message from someone who had bought one of my new paintings and was coming to collect it. They had bought several paintings from me before. This time I had inadvertently painted their house.

I thought I’d better tidy up, and then put a coat of acrylic medium on some other paintings.. .. . Just incase.

What a nice visit. And they left with 2 paintings.

There was only time for an episode of Portrait Artist of the Year and then it was lunch time.

I have been chosing a better book to read at the weekends and it was pleasant to read for an hour.

It was even a pleasure to start work on the first coat of my next local scene which didn’t feel like work at all especially as I wanted to know what happened next in the Campion audiobook.

Work in progress

As I was just about to finish there was a knock at the door and it was someone I had met briefly before and had just stopped by to say hello.

What a lovely surprise. Felt like before the virus( but with masks) .

That was closely followed by the “tragic” tale of someone who had run out of wine. So I was obliged to send them a photo of my state of preparedness …….

And an open one in the fridge

It’s been a lovely day. I am very lucky.

And I have a lot of wine. ..

Cheers 🍷🍷

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