2022 in Pisticci..all day painting..

I’m trying to make the weekend different. So today although I painted most of the day it was one of the local scenes which are fun to do.

Commissions can wait until Monday.

Today’s audiobook featured Lord Peter Wimsey. There is now another Agatha Raisin one available….hurray!

About 80% finished.

I kept the stove on all day. Yesterday I turned it down a degree to 18C . It’s now at 22C ? No real idea what I am doing. I thought that another weekend treat would be having the stove on all day if I felt like it, but during the week I should try and turn it off for a few hours during the day. ( in a month or so will probably only need it in the evenings so is not a very big deal.)

Nothing much happened  today, but it was very pleasant.

I found some photos on Facebook memories again 

This was around the time I started this blog and I took over both sides of the street.
I painted this 11 years ago . It was a scene in a park in Ostuni.

Has been a mostly news free day. Nice to be free to ignore it.

Now for several glasses of wine and some Inspector Alleyn .

Cheers 🍷🍷

My safe space. 🙂 wine glass to hand.

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