2022 in Pisticci..good working day. ..

A decent night’s sleep makes a difference.

And it wasn’t so cold today.

Today was the kind of  day that I think all my working days should be like ,but rarely are.

Got up about 6am.

By 8.30am , had done yoga etc, had breakfast, checked out twitter and written another entry in the ” Not the war diary.”

That included 2 coffees.

9am . I started work on a baby portrait. Stopped at 11am as it wasn’t going too well. ( orange and grim.)Brought other portrait through to fix one small thing. Hour later had fixed all the other little things I found. Made myself stop looking for more.

Lunch hour included 2 van life tours. ( current  youtube addiction)

1.30pm. Decided to give the baby another hour.

3.30pm Baby is looking much more human and cheerful. Decided good time to stop for today.

3.45pm maybe time to do first coat on new local scene?

5pm Realised it was 5pm and thought I’d better stop . ( but at last I have a photo to post here.)

The house upstairs used to be for sale. It has brilliant view from the back. I love the balcony.

It should be possible to finish this tomorrow. 

And hopefully the baby portrait  too.

Quick look outside as sky is a bit pink.

Respectable  sunset….seen better.

Been a satisfactory  day.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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