2022 in Pisticci..another sunny Sunday

Sunny, but still cold

However it was a lovely day to persuade myself to go for a short walk.

“I’ll just go to the corner,”I told myself . “Then straight  back.”

It helped that I didn’t have to change my shoes or anything else.

I’m a bit like ” okay, I said I would go , but I need to go now, because in 5 minutes I’ll have gone off the idea. “

I wasn’t always like this.  But I am now.

However after getting outside it was so nice that I wandered on and up the hill stopping  to take photos.

I think these are fig trees
Cows….I heard the bells
This person’s garden is so neat
My house is at the edge underneath the tall building with washing.
Pisticci and the sea.
Looking for new scenes to paint
Nearly fell down these steps in the dark when the lights went out due to a thunderstorm

I stopped to talk to a lady I know about the madness of this war. My Italian is not great but one to one I can communicate. I’ve learned  since living here that communication is about much more than words. I still remember meeting a lady about 15years ago when I couldn’t speak very much Italian. But we shared a look after I showed her around James’s workshop. There were no words needed.

As it’s the weekend I finished my latest local scene.

Fixed the leaves and painted the edges.

Then I chose the next one and got it ready to paint.

Hope this one works.

I’ve been enjoying a series of books on my Kindle . The type of books described as ” cosy mysteries”. No blood and gore and a bit of stately house, thatched cottage and countryside stuff. There is only one slightly off putting part which is one of the main characters is called Annie Parker and I don’t really like her. She’s very irritating. I feel that I should like her because she has my name.

Now it’s wine time and tomorrow is back to work properly day. It’s been a good weekend.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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