2022 in Pisticci…more of the same….

I usually don’t know what title I’m going to use in my blog until I sit down to write.

The first meaning  is that today was very like yesterday.

I got up, did yoga, wrote a bit, worked on a portrait, then a local scene and now it’s  wine time.

Nearly finished

Then I found a photo on facebook taken 2 years ago today when we were locked down here and I was starting to paint roses on my wall.

2 years ago today

That really was a time when there was only more of the same. When seeing a person passing by in the distance was an exciting event.

I think, in the past, unless I’m seeing it with Rose coloured glasses things changed and I felt like maybe I could make things happen. In the days when I had plans and ambitions and optimism.

Then there was covid , less money and now a war.

Right at this minute more of the same seems like a good thing.

But every now and again I would like to get back a little ambition and optimism and excitement.

However today am settling for ” more of the same” and I’m lucky to have that.

And there is always wine…….


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