2022 in Pisticci…two worlds….

That is how it seems.

I’ve been writing , for myself, some short pieces which I’m calling ” the not war diary” where I can express what it feels like in these last few weeks knowing that not so far away ordinary people like myself  are being bombed , kidnapped, killed and who knows what else, and at the same time are being incredibly brave and tough and even funny.

That’s  one world which thanks to social media feels very close.

And then there is my lovely little life in Pisticci where today it was so warm outside that I sat on the doorstep with a cup of tea and listened to the birds, the cowbells and a donkey while the sun shone.

I even took the tape off the door and opened it to let the heat in as it was colder inside than out.

It was a satisfying busy day.

The baby portrait was finished and has gone off with the other portrait  which included its parents. Nice feeling.

The latest local scene is finished (…..drat….forgot to sign it! ) However it looks better than I thought it would and I’m very pleased with it.

Using a yellowish undercoat worked well on this.

After finishing this I then drew and prepared one of the more complicated scenes.

If I do this well it will be very colourful.

I was getting on so well that I prepared the next scene as well.

Painted this little house lots of times.

In-between  there was time to have a glass of wine on the doorstep  after lunch.

And catch up on my pictorial  work diary which is giving me a lot of pleasure to look back through and see what I’ve been doing. This is the third book now.

I try and catch up every few days.

There was time to water my plants and take a photo of the valley with the bright yellow spring flowers in the foreground.

Taken about 4.30

Now it’s wine time and maybe another Miss Marple ……..


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