2022 in Pisticci…sunshine and little white houses….

It was warm enough to sit on the doorstep and eat lunch and then read a book while I waited and waited for chickpeas to cook. I usually leave them to soak overnight, but this time I only left them for 4 hours. Not doing that again.

It was quite hot on the way back from the supermarket.

It’s hard to describe the difference between winter and summer here. It’s hot for so long in summer that it’s impossible to believe how cold it is in winter. I know it’s relative compared to really cold countries, but I was never as cold in Scotland as I am here sometimes.

BUT! It’s getting warmer and there will be months and months of doorstep weather.

View from the doorstep at lunch time.
Roses are coming again.

This morning was mostly spent painting little white houses.

Still a lot of work to do . Think the windows at the top are too big.

After a quick trip to the supermarket I’ve started the next local scene.

Thought it would be interesting to have some countryside.

Last night I had an idea about how I could get some more exercise . I wondered if it would be possible to walk right around Pisticci, avoiding busier roads and very steep hills. I may have to do a recce and see how long it takes .

Pisticci is built on the top of a hill so if I could go round rather than over the top it would be relatively flat?

I’m not very good at maths so maybe it’s not possible, but I’m curious now. I might take a lot of persuasion though.

However right now it’s wine time and the sun is still shining.


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