2022 in Pisticci, Matera, homemade bread and the most beautiful little coffee pot ..

Mostly in photos.

Today I exceeded my 6000 steps for the 3d time in 2 years……I must get fitter!!! I remember when I used to bounce around and I miss that. So I really should at least walk more often. It’s free. And I’m not confined to the house. And I could take photos. And feel smug(ish)

Back to photos…. Thanks to a kind friend I went on a trip to Matera where we went to a fascinating second hand shop and I bought a beautiful little coffee maker. Then we went to a sculpture park, followed by a trip on windy roads to get a view of Matera which I had never seen before. That was followed by a late lunch of homemade bread (gift from kind friend) and peanut butter. After which I fell asleep………..

So elegant. Coffee making will be beautiful
This made me laugh .
A close up
More sculpture
The view from the park
The sculpture park is set in a quarry where tufa blocks were cut. It makes a fantastic setting.
A corner of the quarry
Cut outs
This was made from metal taken from twin towers site after 9/11.
A side of Matera I hadn’t seen before.
View from the top of the hill.
Homemade bread and peanut butter….yumm!

Back home and nearly wine time.

Getting very spring like.


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