2022 in Pisticci…sunshine, bill paid, chatting in shop and lots of other nice stuff….

Today the temperature was due to rise to 21C.

A good day for doing the washing, for eating peanut butter on homemade bread on the doorstep, for enjoying the sound of cowbells, for painting little white houses by the open door, taking a walk into town to pay the first part of my water bill, having a lovely chat to a lady in a shop who makes me smile as she tells me stories of her family, chickpeas in tomato sauce for lunch and then more painting.

And all the rest.

Looking towards Dirupo in the sunshine
Plants on my way home
Another way of putting flowers on the wall
Saw this when I was eating breakfast.

I’ve mostly enjoyed painting the commission with lots of little white houses this week mainly because I’ve not been in a hurry.

I’ll no doubt change some of the bits I painted today, but am making progress.

This afternoon I begun to paint the next local scene. Am pleased with it so far.

Scene just a few minutes from my house.

Am happy that it’s now wine time on Friday.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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