2022 in Pisticci…700 days since lockdown, 2 sheep and bits of 2 goats…..

700 days ago I started writing this blog so that I could feel that there was someone to talk to every afternoon when I finished work. I was worried that being alone for 2 weeks( I thought!!!) would be quite difficult and this would make me feel connected.

We were locked down for a lot longer than 2 weeks , but I seem to have survived. Even if I haven’t had a hug for 700 days. ( I might have had one by accident….I can’t remember)

It has been quite an experience.

Today I felt much bouncier than I have in the last cold months. Maybe it’s the thought of spring.

I don’t often go out on a Sunday as it’s a more family day and I don’t want to look like I’m alone. However I needed cardio aspirins so I marched off up town.

Lots of people greeted me and it was nice to be asked how I had been doing when I was in the farmacia.

I decided to go home by some back streets and take photos.

This is the library , the yellow building and you can just see the fox I painted as part of the big mural.
This chair isn’t for a lonely person ,but to stop someone parking in front of a garage.
I painted the building at the end from a different angle .
I think this might make a good painting
Maybe not this…..
Not sure about this
Another little corner
Might be able to make this work as a painting
I just like this corner.

Most of the rest of today I’ve spent preparing and then beginning to paint my next local scene featuring 2 sheep and bits of 2 goats. I thought that I’d better paint them first as if they weren’t good enough then the painting wouldn’t work.

There’s a lot to do yet but I think the sheep are almost okay.

Am pleased that I remembered it was day 700. I missed all the other hundreds before.

Wine time again.


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