2022 in Pisticci..cold and rainy except in my paintings….

Suddenly it’s cold and wet again. It was a bit of a surprise this morning to wake up to fog, rain and cold wind.

I had been getting used to turning the stove off during the day, but no way today.

However at least my paintings had blue skies.

I worked on this all afternoon. 
There is such a lot of fiddly work in this . Might paint the flowers tomorrow and thereafter will be fixing bits here and there.

Outside it’s like this.

About an hour ago.

And that was it for today……

I read the translation of an interview with president Zelensky because I was curious.

Watched a short video of Joe Biden hugging someone and smiled.

Couldn’t get my new /old coffee maker to work , but haven’t given up on it.

Wrote another part of my personal ” not the war diary ” wearing this.

It takes a while to heat up my house.

And now it’s wine time again.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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