2022 in Pisticci….”shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted…..

Or having a bit of a boring/relaxing Saturday morning and considering maybe tidying up and brushing the floor later.

Then visitors arrive unexpectedly. Hopefully my trick of having so many interesting things to look at so that no one notices the dust etc was still working. ( I think from what was said that it might have. Italians say the nicest things. )

However afterwards I thought that I’d better. ” make an effort”. As far as I know I haven’t poisoned anyone and people don’t get dirty coming in my house or smell anything awful, unless a faint whiff of damp in the gallery. A dropping bug once fell on someone’s head ,but that really wasn’t my fault.

I’m mostly relatively tidy because I like things to look nice, but I as for cleaning I might get a D minus.

So today as it was lovely and sunny and the door was open I washed the floor. Brushed all the rugs. Polished the kettle and then it was lunch time.

This afternoon I have mostly worked on my latest local scene.

I like the blue shadows a lot.

I keep looking at my newly cleaned floor and thinking it should look cleaner judging by the colour of the water I poured down the sink………..but it looks much the same as it did before.

Next week if the weather is good I might put all the rugs in the washing machine. ( or not.)

But now it’s wine time.


Before. ( after looks much the same )
Upgrade from sitting on the doorstep.

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